Main Characters Edit

Derrick Cole: He awakens in a strange research facility. He has lost the memories of his past and learns his name from a researcher working at the lab.

Alex Hendrickson: A mysterious woman who seems to know Derrick. She has amazing physical capabilities and can fight with guns and knives. A very strong-willed woman, she never gives up easily.

Glen Ogawa: A Japanese-American professor of medicine. He was conducting biological research in Australia but was banished from the medical community because he created a human clone. He is now involved in a highly classified project.

Stefania Wojinski: A visiting professor from Poland who is a specialist in human memory mechanisms. She has not given up on her years of research although her most recent project was cancelled.

Gianni De Luca: An Italian-American United States Marine Corps First Lieutenant. He has a foul mouth, but is a good guy with a passionate personality. At critical moments, he always keeps his cool. He is greatly trusted by military higher-ups and is a specialist in top-secret missions.

Solus: A mysterious being that menaces Derrick and Alex. He looks human, but his physical capabilities surpass anything that could possibly be human.

Nexus: The entity in control of the T'lan forces.

Casval: Dr. Wojinski's pet cat and one of Derrick's reoccurring visions. Its presence often foreshadows a hallucination.

Ernest: One of the β-Project subjects who survived the experiment. He is friends with Alex and is documented as having desired to return home. He has blond hair and wears glasses. He is seen as a child along with the other β-Project test subjects. When he later dies, Alex, distraught by grief, attempts to commit suicide. Ernest wears Urban BDUs (possibly without a helmet, though it was likely removed) and glasses.

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