BREAKDOWN was released in three regions: Japan (NTSC-J), The United States (NTSC), and Europe (PAL).

Breakdown BoxArts


Boxarts of the various regions (as mentioned from left-to-right)

Display Edit

The US and Japanese versions of BREAKDOWN are capable of rendering in Enhanced Definition (480p), though the European release is limited to 480i. It may be possible to enable Progressive Scan by Hex-editing the .xbe file in the PAL version, though this would only be playable on a modified console. Additionally, PAL Xbox consoles will have to be further modified to enable NTSC mode which will then unlock 480p, 720p, and 1080i resolutions.

Regional Differences Edit

Some parts of the game are compatible between the US and European release meaning that some saved games may be loaded in the other version (checkpoint-dependent). The Japanese version of the game does not appear to be compatible with any of the other versions' saves, however. These incompatibilities are likely due to the character-sets used in game and/or in dialogue. It's worth noting that in order to play a foreign version of BREAKDOWN, you must be using a modified console.

Language Edit

All versions of the game are English dubbed with both English and Japanese text (predominately English) presented throughout the game world. This is in line with the game's focus on total immersion, and it succeeds quite well in this regard as the setting is that of a Joint US-Japanese research facility. Subtitles for the given region are provided throughout the game for non-English speakers. These subtitles also facilitate the reading of various logs (presented in the form of clipboards and tapes) throughout the game. Many of these documents have the English text physically present, though others are somewhat devoid of visible text making subtitles a necessity. While most in-game documents contain portions of filler-text which is unreadable, several charts include additional information which is not present in subtitles. In these cases, an understanding of the English language may be necessary in order to fully comprehend some portions of in-game lore. In most cases however, the subtitled text is merely a simplified or truncated description of the physical text (ex. subtitled: "DEAD. DEAD. DEAD. DEAD." though the in-game document's text quite clearly repeats many more times, extending the full length of the page and part of the next).

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