"Project Breakdown" is both the in-game project involving memory restoration as well as the real-world game development title.  

Project Breakdown was the culmination of years of research by Dr. Wojinski. After being cancelled by her previous employer, Dr. Wojinski copied, then deleted, all Project Breakdown data from the original source. Using this data, she continued her research at the Carter Science Center and successfully created a specialized machine for restoring one's memory. This machine was used on Derrick Cole to bring him up to speed with the events leading to the T'lan invasion.  

As memory restoration is a very complex task, and human memory is susceptible to corruption, some portions of one's memory cannot be entirely restored. The machine compensates for this through the use of hallucinations, dreams, or memory substitutions. This is witnessed by Derrick on several occasions, often preceded by the vision of Dr. Wojinski's cat, Casval.  

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